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Name scrSetActionLabel
Syntax (scrSetActionLabel screen action label [key] [special])
Argument List screen: The screen you want to change the action text on.
action: The string ID of the action, or it's position starting at 0.
label: string, what you want to change the text to.
[key]: string, define which keystroke will trigger the action.
[special]: list or token, special flags for this action
Returns condition: True is successful.
Category screen
Description Changes the given actions text to the string.
"Do something extra cool"
(list 'default 'nextKey)

Assumes action from scrAddAction example.
Comment Allows you to dynamically change the action labels.

Special actions are 'cancel , 'default , 'nextKey , 'prevKey , or a list of these tokens.

Special and the ability to use action id strings added in 1.04.