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NameRatingsAuthorVersionDownloadsDate added
Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha2  0PM1.7a2c63914.03.2016
Enchiridion Battle Systems beta0  0Novak 671.631203.06.2015
Cabbage Corp5  0Arkheias1.6.483701.01.2015
Shrike's (Allegedly) Superior Sounds1  0Shrike1.336127.07.2014
Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.65  0PM1.6.3130111.04.2014
Hayari Noosphere2  0Heliogenesis1.270428.02.2014
Zanitas & Lazarus (Development)0  0Androgeos1.2b143703.10.2013
Freelancer Civilian Ship Pack1  0Autohummer1.2a180220.06.2013
Raptor: Call of the Shadows6  0Androgeos1.1146831.05.2013
A More Dangerous Universe4  0Deltax1.362811.03.2013
Zanitas & Lazarus (Stable)3  0Androgeos1.08e56018.08.2012
Descendence3  0Androgeos1.08e125114.07.2012
New Sounds6  0TheLastBrunnenG1.0572806.06.2011
SpongeJr's Variety Sounds3  0SpongeJr1.0358215.12.2010
6 new sounds0  0Little Modder...1.0 RC557523.01.2010
3 weapons+3 new sounds0  0Little Modder...1.0 RC450616.01.2010
Turbolasers Alternative Sound0  0Aeonic1.0 RC271209.12.2009