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NameRatingsAuthorVersionDownloadsDate added
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 1)3  0PM1.7a1199721.04.2016
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 2)3  0PM1.7a1192521.04.2016
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 3)3  0PM1.7a1190621.04.2016
PSD7 Beta Ships: Classic Outtakes3  0PM1.7a1167321.04.2016
Russian S-1 Probe3  0Peter1.7a1179523.03.2016
Cabbage Corp5  0Arkheias1.6.4255101.01.2015
Shivan Hunter's Weapons and Armor, volume pi4  0Shivan Hunter1.3196210.07.2014
StargateX14  0Aeon Blaze1.3150308.05.2014
Xenophobe Fighter 40 facings4  0digdug1.08b174329.06.2012
Oracus Atonement 120 facings6  0digdug1.3b2163028.06.2012
Xenophobe Worldship 40 facings6  0digdug1.08b166825.06.2012
Ranx Dreadnought 40 facings5  0digdug1.08b163517.04.2012
Aquila 40 facings6  0digdug1.08b165409.04.2012
Crystal Clear Iocrym6  0digdug1.06a214320.08.2011
40 facings re-rendered britannia6  0Djohaal1.06a233726.07.2011
CSC with 40 facings5  0digdug1.02182907.08.2010