Abandoned Station Renamer View Mod
This mod allows you to rename any abandoned station once you dock with it.
Why rename an abandoned station, you may ask?
1) Makes it easier to locate active stations and stargates on the map in cluttered systems.
2) If you've maxxed your cargo hold and there's still good loot in the station, you can mark it with a new name of your choice.
3) If you like storing loot in abandoned stations, this will make it easier to locate them.

Tip: You can remove a name completely simply by tapping the spacebar twice while renaming, then save it (don't add any text.)

Note: This mod overwrites the Abandoned station looting screen.
Categories DockScreens
Author FAD
Rating 1   1
Added (Last modified) 23.09.2011 (23.09.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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Jose 23.09.2011 01:48

Awesome work FAD!This mod will help alot of Players(Including me)

RPC 23.09.2011 02:28

I love the conecept!

Just one thing I'll test: sometimes spacebar is used to fire instead of control, I'll have to see if firing weapons will trigger the mod.

FAD 23.09.2011 02:41

@ RPC, it won't unless you've linked your weapons to fire via the spacebar while docked...but that would be interesting to see!

Thanks, Jose. I hope ya's find it as useful as I have.

RPC 23.09.2011 03:19

Ok, it works as intended and nothing happens when space is the firing key.

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