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One zip containing a variety of individual mods, all released previously (by me) and all updated for 2011. Let's see, the Advanced Duralloy and Stealth armors have been joined by a new Gravimetric Armor (very useful in Iocrym space), the shields pack has now been increased to 11 varieties, and... I can't remember the rest. To the moderators: feel free to break up this zip as/if you see fit, I just lumped everything together for simplicity. Enjoy!
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WillyTheSquid 20.01.2012 23:02

Dig it. Only one slight issue: if you combine it with TheLastBrunnenG's "New Armors" mod, that one has a "Heavy Duralloy Armor" as well (with the same item name). Brunnen's Heavy Duralloy is way more expensive than your Advanced Duralloy armor, yet yours has nearly the same HP and triple the regeneration.

Easily fixed, though. Again, I like this one.

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 12:48

Just finished the game for the first time. The Gravimetric armor is a godsent, but rare enough not to be overpowered. I gladly sacrificed a device slot to an Advanced Patcher Arm to keep my armor repaired.

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