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Screenshot Way back, I hinted at a successor to the Souped Up Salvager Fleet. Well, after much trial & error, it's finally here: the Black Market Salvagers! These automated drones go from wreck to wreck, salvaging loot for profit. Don't even think of attacking one though, unless you're very well armed, 'cause so are they!
The zip includes two slightly different versions with two different device(s) configurations. Unfortunately, as the UNIDs are they same in each, you can only play one mod or the other. So take a look, and decide for yourself. (Mostly, I included them both because I couldn't decide!) As always, comments are appreciated, and Enjoy!
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Author DOSBox-gamer
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Shane Filomena 02.09.2011 12:14

a must have. i love the souped up salvagers when Imnot pretending I can make stuff :)

DOSBox-gamer 02.09.2011 19:35

Oh, did I fail to mention, you can dock with them to sell your damaged Military loot? Very lucrative in later systems :D

Darth Saber 02.09.2011 21:55

A salvager equipped with a cynidocyst cannon? SWEET!

Datal2 08.09.2011 16:58

Next great idea for the mod :D Really nice, really :)

Datal2 08.09.2011 17:03

Can I use your ship (in the future) in my mod ? Because I have one intresting mod (BMM -Black market mod) and this ship is almost ideal for me. ^^

FAD 23.09.2011 00:44

Dockable Salvagers? This means you'll be able to easily find them once you use a map ROM or after running into them the first time.

DOSBox-gamer 19.10.2011 03:13

re: Datal2 Yes, feel free to use the image as you see fit. The image wasn't hard to make, just a bit of RGB swapping in IrfanView. :)

Datal2 28.10.2011 17:39

Re:DOSBox-gamer, Many thanks :D

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 17:40

DosBoxgamer just sold me on this mod -- sell damaged military loot? Hells yes.

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 14:21

It doesn't work. "closing tag does not match open". Source: the -group.xml file; line=354.

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