Crystal Clear Iocrym View Mod
Screenshot I re-rendered the Iocrym Outpost, Sentinel, CommandShip and Manipulator to a bright golden and clear blue crystal colour.
Enjoy !

btw, the Iocrym Command ship is 60 frames :D
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Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 20.08.2011 (20.08.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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RPC 20.08.2011 00:27

Nice! Totally in Sandbox when we get started on the Iocrym :D

Datal2 20.08.2011 09:09

Realy nice ! Awesome work Digdug ;)

Darth Saber 20.08.2011 23:24

You never cease to amaze me, Digdug. Well done indeed!

digdug 21.08.2011 00:12

Thanks, I'm using the new rendering settings developed by Djohaal.

I'm going to release a new rendering studio for Bryce to help other to render like this :D

sp_testure 21.08.2011 21:38

wonderful..the amount of detail is spiffy :)

Shane Filomena 22.08.2011 03:33

WOW!!!!!!!! now this is what I would enjoy seeing, but the originals..we need to move the originals to a lesser degree of the structure and these would be perfect for the actual high races being as they are more detailed and complex then the " average ships".

simply replacing is not good enough: we have a great deal of hard work and designs that need to be given their places, higher or lower, but making them " obsolete" as i often hear is nonsense: would you want to see this great work " obsolete" by next month?

erik dela cruz 08.09.2011 00:42

wow seethru!!!!

Droid 348 24.09.2011 19:05

Great work, the golden and see through materials make the ships look really advanced and high tech. Very fitting for the Iocrym.

Cygnus.X1 20.10.2012 18:57

I instantly fell in love with these images ;)

Please add a title so this mod shows up on the new select mod checklist properly.

<TranscendenceExtension UNID="&IocrymRerendered;" version="1.0" name="Transparent Iocrym Graphics" credits="DigDug">

digdug 21.10.2012 16:11

Thanks ! I will update al my mods. I definitely need to do some housekeeping :)

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