Plasma sphere escort View Mod
Screenshot Unique 'living' weapon which launches a plasma sphere which will escort your ship around for a short period of time before goes away. Plasma escort ball has a 1d3 plasma cannon which shoots at 30/sec.
Categories Weapon
Author muffildy
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Added (Last modified) 25.07.2011 (25.07.2011)
Game Version 1.01
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Shane Filomena 26.07.2011 01:35

I tried something like this once, but that was before I got my unid. I am glad you held onto your version: mine was very bad anyway:)

muffildy 26.07.2011 01:47

Got idea from space rangers 2 - couldnt implement it exactly the same though - supposed to fire the plasma sphere directly ahead, but theres no code to make it do that since its facing is random.

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