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Screenshot This mod adds a chance in each system to have several pilgrims in it, all on their way to the core. The fly around and destroy and/or loot ships and stations in the system. Under certain circumstances, they can even use Domina Powers! There is a chance that they will be able to shatter you when you attack, but they mostly use the defensive powers, such as sustain and defend. The pilgrims will show up all through the game and will install equipment they loot (using slightly altered code from my Salvagers upgrade mod). Enjoy being shattered *accidentally* by some guy called 'Bob' :D
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Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 12.07.2011 (04.12.2011)
Game Version 1.07a
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HatsuyaKanzaki 12.07.2011 13:44

I thought there are Pilgrims named after all of us but... nay.

RPC 12.07.2011 21:44

Been waiting for this Drako! Glad you delivered :D

drako slyith 13.07.2011 21:15

Updated at 19 dls. EVERYONE NEEDS TO REDOWNLOAD. I fixed a critical but that can crash the game. This is fixed and now works correctly. sorry to those 19 downloaders.

Shane Filomena 14.07.2011 20:06

I love :and I STILL agree that they should have these powers if we can.

Darth Saber 14.07.2011 20:22

So we get to watch the other Pilgrims Progress, eh?

drako slyith 14.07.2011 22:38

Right now the pilgrims just wander around the system destroying things and looting them. I've been trying to work out a way to let them progress, but so far I don't have anything.

RPC 23.07.2011 05:46

I got shattered by Rose Tyler. Someone's been watching Dr. Who :D

drako slyith 23.07.2011 08:46

Hehe. I needed more names. There's also Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Nobel, and Amelia Pond.

drako slyith 07.08.2011 01:46

Reuploaded at 70 dls. I doubled the names and I added a Sung Pilgrim. I also did a bit of code fixing.

drako slyith 11.09.2011 05:30

Reuploaded at 111 dls. I updated the nameing system, so it builds a name from a list of first and last names. I also added a rudimentary settings file (pilgrimSettings.xml). I'll explain more in the forums


Droid 348 24.09.2011 19:02

The settings file is a nice addition, I play permadeath games, and getting shattered was kind of annoying, now it's easily fixed.


RPC 25.09.2011 17:59

Awww, I love getting shattered. It puts the pilgrims' role in the QZ into perspective when you realize you're not the only one who can blow capships.

Although I do have to start over after getting shattered....

drako slyith 04.12.2011 00:48

Reuploaded. I updated it to 1.07a and I got Desperate Escape to work now, it doesn't fail 90% of the time.

RPC 04.12.2011 06:10

Something interesting to note is that at the start Transcendence (where the ships fight) is that if a pilgrim ship shows up, it still invokes Domina powers and loots :D

drako slyith 04.12.2011 18:58

Yeah I noticed that. I think its kind of cool. Also fun is setting minimum domina level to 9 and spawning 500 friendly pilgrims with the orders to hold. Then fire a missile into them.

drako slyith 09.12.2011 06:20

heh, so I just realized I uploaded it with the minimum pilgrim setting set to 8. It's easy to fix, just go into settings.xml and change the 8 to a 1. Otherwise killing any pilgrims will be really, really hard.

drako slyith 05.02.2012 23:39

Could an admin please put the Former Mod of the Month on this? No big deal, I just realized it didn't have it and it should.

Star Weaver 22.06.2012 11:53

You know, I like the idea, but in practice it just seems like slavagers except waaay more annoying. It doesn't feel like they're doing thier own thing or fighting their own battles, it feels like they're just drawn to my loot like locusts. They might be able to instakill you in a way that only the dumbest of luck can save you from, they're hella annoying to fight even if they can't, and the wind slavers can just mozy away no matter what.

And there's no one representing those of us who don't end up with domina powers forever, that just come by and try to eat your face with overleveled gear?

Oh, and unlike salavagers, when they run off with your loot, you usually don't get it back cause the wrecks don't happen.

RPC 25.01.2013 06:21

Actually if you have Dynamic Systems you'll see lots of "X attacks Y Pilgrim" because pilgrims *really* like blowing up stations and freighters.

Setting Pilgrim levels also gets rid of instakills, since they can only use Sustain.

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