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Screenshot Welp. Here 'tis. the Battlship Sierra. it utilizes a point-defense module, Advanced plasma Cannon, Sierra Defense Field, and so much more.
*Please note: the battleSierra is in no way finished or balanced.
*special thanks: RPC-(for the Nerefir, which gave me my idea, and for being so enthusiastic about the whole project.)

*edited as of 6/30/11: Removed the incorrect reference to the TSMA.
Categories Ship (Player), Godmod, Devices,
Armor, Weapon
Author Resident-Pyromaniac
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Added (Last modified) 30.06.2011 (30.06.2011)
Game Version 1.06
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Resident-Pyromaniac 30.06.2011 05:34

First Post on my First Mod EVER! Woot!

Shane Filomena 30.06.2011 05:50

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I was dying to get a copy:) I really did not think you we this close to release of anything: this will go into my Art folder as well so I have an original piece in there:)

RPC 30.06.2011 07:01

W00t! Can't wait to play this in 1.06!

Been waiting for this for ages!

RPC 30.06.2011 07:10

:( Resident-Pyroman, you forgot to delete

<Device deviceID="&unidTranspaceMassAccelerator;"/>

It isn't declared but still is in the devices for the ship. An easy fix would be just to delete that line and reupload.

Datal2 04.07.2011 13:23

Yeah, work with balance, coz now it is like godmode :P

But graphics and this defend field is really great ! +

Datal2 04.07.2011 13:24

*are really great

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