Geist Smuggler View Mod
Screenshot The Geist class stealth scout comes equipped with regenerating stealth armor, smuggler's hold and black market id. However, it cannot use heavier armor, has fewer device slots than the Wolfen along with lower cargo capacity and lower thrust. Many thanks to Gecko (orginal 3d artwork), d1gdug (3d to 2d and code), and alterecco (code).

This is my first mod, it is probably too easy in the beginning but should be challenging later on. Good luck!
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Omnivore
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Added (Last modified) 10.06.2011 (10.06.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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Star Weaver 14.06.2012 13:44

Yeah, it's a little over-powered defensivly for eridani, but then, the stock ships nearly are too. It might make a good semi-sdvanced start ship, maybe at rigel? Running straight into the battle arena would be an interesting challenge play: you've got enough defense to survive but not a lot of firepower or money to buy such.

That 3.5 ton armor limit is really gonna hurt at some point: either you're going to rely on shields more than most players in the end or ... idk. Definatly a ship that would benefit from the expanded ultralight choices in the upcoming armor pack.

Star Weaver 14.06.2012 13:46

Also, while the graphics are fairly simple, they suit the concept and there's plenty of subtle detail.

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