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Several Whimsical weapons for your enjoyment. Modeling done with virtual LEGO courtesy of SR 3D builder. Good for 1.0 and up.
Three Cutting lasers, each omnidirectional, with short range, high rate, and low/med damage:
Kyu: single beam
sempai: dual beam
kenshi: dual beam, multitarget
Four low level shotguns, in either double or single barrel, with either open or full choke.
Two Bubba SAWs
Squad automatic weapons bolted to a ship mount. double or single. low damage, high fire rate, poor accuracy.
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Author Macgeoghagen
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Shane Filomena 09.06.2011 08:45

Thankyou:) While I already have a zillion weapons and Armors: Armor is important, I am big on making Solar Armor.

I enjoy the ideas for weapons others have ( I am not a big weapon making person: I have three, the IM90, tev9 and my Dakota Cannon )

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