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This mod adds new sound effects to every weapon in Transcendence. Generally, each weapon's new firing sound depends on its damage type (laser, kinetic, particle, etc.). Some weapons have special sounds for dual-fire mode. Missile launches also have new sounds. It overwrites all standard Transcendence weapons. It should work with any mod that doesn't overwrite standard weapons or weapon sound effects.

This mod was inspired by Aeonic's "Turbolasers Alternative Sound" mod and SpongeJr's "Variety Sounds" mod. The effects used in my mod are royalty-free sound samples sourced from WWW.SOUNGLE.COM and WWW.SOUNDSNAP.COM.
Categories Misc, New Sounds
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 06.06.2011 (06.06.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:43

I MUST have this: the only weapon I ever actually recognize is a heavy launcher: the rest are so common they are almost Non-sounds. I will have this in my game....does not do under 1.05? oh well, I play 1.05:)

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:46

LOL: Love it!!!!!!

TheLastBrunnenG 06.06.2011 05:52

Might work with pre-1.05, haven't tested it.

Hope you enjoy it! You can test it easily by starting a new game: you always spawn in range of a Centauri base (kinetic guns), while the starting stations have guards with laser, particle, and missile weapons. Attack a few and check out the sound effects as they pound you!

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 10:36

Negative: your image descriptions ( which are primary error message ) are not in 1.01 ( I lost my 1.04 ) but it plays in 1.06D & 1.05 nicely I think if you address the image thing it could fly.

digdug 07.06.2011 23:51

this is super-cool TheLastBrunnenG!

thank you very much! :D

RPC 12.06.2011 05:02

I love the new sounds! They give Trans a classic space game feel in my opinion and greatly diversifies the weapons in game. Thanks!

TheLastBrunnenG 12.06.2011 05:11

Thanks! Maybe one day I'll add new sounds for light vs. heavy weapons, new destruct sounds, etc.

RPC 18.06.2011 06:23

Pkodon had an interesting concern on IRC: Since 1.06 is out, the mod may not reflect changes made to weapons in 1.06. That means that even though the sounds work, the weapons we would be playing with are the 1.05 weapons and not the 1.06 weapons (if the weapons were changed at all).

But still....

I like this mod way too much just to change because of that. I guess there might be a way to work around this now that it's been brought up.

TheLastBrunnenG 05.08.2011 04:12

You are absolutely correct. I didn't write this mod to be "forward compatible" or easily updated. I don't know if it would be possible to rewrite it as a global OnFireWeapon that checks damage type of the weapon just fired and plays an appropriate sound using SysCreateWeaponsFire - probably too resource-intensive.

Black Rebel 10.11.2015 15:36

Hello!, Is there any way to install and make it work in the current game version??? Thanks!

AssumedPseudonym 14.11.2015 08:14

Not sure if the version here can be easily fixed, but Shrike and I are working on a project that essentially does the same thing this mod does. Better still, without any weapon overwrites in our mod, it should cause fewer compatibility issues with other mods like this one potentially could.

AssumedPseudonym 14.11.2015 08:17

...And then I read up a couple of comments. Somewhat ironically, Shrike and I are doing it almost exactly the way TheLastBrunnenG said was probably too resource-intensive.

Black Rebel 14.11.2015 15:53

Ah ok, thanks! That would be great as I miss diferent sounds for diferent weapons in the game and it looked promising.

Any idea about when would be ready?

AssumedPseudonym 16.11.2015 11:23

In a word? No. It -is- currently in alpha testing, though, and is progressing fairly quickly. Shrike wants to improve some of the sounds they made. There will probably be an announcement on the forum when we release it.

Black Rebel 17.11.2015 01:47

Ok, sounds good! Thanks for the work.

I will be waiting patiently. :)

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