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here is the mod in question.
Categories Development
Author Chase
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Added (Last modified) 03.06.2011 (06.06.2011)
Game Version 1.01
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Chase 03.06.2011 12:59

please do not download, this is a mod in progress

Shane Filomena 03.06.2011 20:00

Chase: it loaded in 1.01,1.05 and 1.06 without any error messages : delete your Saves files when testing : it helps the game see things with new eyes.

Shane Filomena 04.06.2011 01:44

ok: does cause save crashes changing systems: I am going to see if we can get help on this.

Shane Filomena 04.06.2011 06:05

the wreck data feature is the cause: it has to be pucshed off the ship to ?Global or to a virtual station because carrying it on the ship code itself is a problem for the save files since those wrecks no longer exist to the game in the new system.

Chase 06.06.2011 17:53

re-uploaded, still busted mod

Chase 15.06.2011 06:38

Sorry about delayed re-uploading, got some hectic kak coming my way. Will fix and upload in bout 2 weeks.

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