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Screenshot Hatsumi Kanazawa, a Japanese popstar, genetically-engineered to be young forever, to appeal her fans forever.
However, she began to have a higher calling. With her fame and fortune, can she make it to Domina as well?
Categories Ship (Player), Ship (Friendly), Graphics,
Author HatsuyaKanzaki
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Added (Last modified) 24.05.2011 (24.05.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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HatsuyaKanzaki 04.06.2011 03:23

Will take this down soon.

Dogma 31.07.2011 08:13

Why? Why would you take it down? its a pretty legit looking ship..

HatsuyaKanzaki 07.08.2011 15:35

Well, she's planned to be included in Neo Gradian Fleet (part of Hoshigami)

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