F104 StarFighter View Mod
A fast interceptor ship! Avionic is not the best, it drunks lots of fuel but it can reach in few minutes any intruder!

Exactly as a real F-104 StarFighter :)

NEW: added name to show it loading new game
PS: ship image is derivated by an original plate, but I'm not able to draw a 40-positions image...
If you can help me to do it ... any help welcome :)
Categories Ship (Player)
Author vcant
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Added (Last modified) 23.05.2011 (30.05.2018)
Game Version 1.01
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digdug 24.05.2011 02:20

nice EZ-rotated ship! gj

Shane Filomena 30.05.2011 10:09

Awesome work!!!!!

vcant 21.10.2014 22:20

Updated all ID entities, now aligned to the standard format (0x D MMM T III).

If you have any other VCant's mod, pls update all them....

vcant 30.05.2018 00:16


+ update last Entity code (Ship Imagine) to the standard modding

+ F104 is a fighter - so TargetingComputerROM is (no more random) gived!

+ added some Cash Cards ;-)


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