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This mod focuses on fixing the drawbacks of the Ranx DN, mainly the fact that it has bad wingmen that go too far and no Point Defense weapons to protect it from gunships.

There are three XML's.

Ranx Respawn Escort stops gunships from straying too far from the DN.

Upgraded Ranx-PD Weapons is already disabled. To enable, remove the "_" (underscore) from the beginning of the file and it will run. PD weapons gives the Ranx a PD weapon that has half the damage of the kiloton as well as uses the Kiloton cannon shell.

The two mods do NOT use the same UNID, but since both override the same thing, it is advised not to use both at the same time.

The third XMl (Ranx upgrade V3) is also disabled (just repeat the same steps for Ranx-PD Weapons to make it work) and has both functionalities of the other two.
Categories A.I./Behavior, Misc, Ship (Enemy)
Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 13.05.2011 (16.06.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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Shane Filomena 13.05.2011 20:42

I'll meet your Ranx DN and And Raise you a Freighter :)

I Always look forward to your work:


RPC 14.05.2011 02:08

Shane: I'm still waiting for your mod! The wreck of the freighter DeadStop would be a great way to start missions :)

RPC 14.05.2011 02:09

Wait.. who rated my mod -1? I'd like to know why and how to improve it.

RPC 14.05.2011 03:11

Nevermind. I think it's my phone again. Disregard the previous comment.

Azar Wolf 18.05.2011 17:01

Ummmmm.... I don't think its possible to rate your own mod up or down, so I don't think it could have been your phone. :/

RPC 19.05.2011 01:45

^^^ O.O nevermind then.

I'd like to know how to improve my mod in light of this new information.

Shane Filomena 19.05.2011 23:13

@RPC: I sent you the pastebin links in a the PM of my Nerf for DySy:DeadsStop is just one of my toys ( his big brother is in The Auviq): I am doing (still) a .xml " The Auviq" the basic theme is "Snow&Ice" ( being as the words I am using are "original" to Space because they are Native words for Snow/ice and relative items, like "Kammuk";it's slow going: I am trying to get everything together, Nerf it, and make sure the missions work,etc .I APPRECIATE everyone on the forum, I read like crazy and your advice/etc in various posts usually helps resolve questions fast.The Auviq is not as complicated as DySy, but it's my first project, so its complicated to me:): P.S.; the xml carries 2 wrecks, 3 disabled ships: and brings ships in that a player rarely sees until it's too late.

RPC 16.06.2011 05:04

Reuploaded at 52 dl's. Just fine-tuned the system of how the DN's respawned gunships.

Alfael X 12.10.2012 01:42

Uh dude, I hate to say this buuut...

Sorry but i HATE the Ranx warlords. They ALWAYS use exploding weapons and it's a really cheap(cheep) strategy just to use rapid fire blast or thermonuclear weapons.

RPC 18.10.2012 03:19

If you get close to the Vanilla Ranx DNs you can make it so that their shells don't explode on contact. ;)

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