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This adds a new cargo hold expansion device, the auton assembly hangar. As with other cargo hold expansions, the assembly hangar adds cargo space, 50 tons to be exact. In addition, the assembly hangar has the special ability of building custom autons equipped with armor and devices selected from items stored in the assembly hangar. Read its description to see what items it can and cannot accept.
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Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 01.05.2011 (30.04.2018)
Game Version 1.8a1
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digdug 02.05.2011 14:14

awesome mod!

Darth Saber 02.05.2011 20:51

Wonderful work, PM!

Shane Filomena 06.05.2011 18:51

tried this in a game generated four Autons in total: worked perfectly: Thankyou for sharing this great work and adding a great resource for players.

FAD 09.10.2011 04:00

Excellent mod, indeed! I couldn't help but to set my copy up to accept 3 individual devices. I also added a numerical generator for each created auton, to make it easier to identify them when using multiple, same-class autons.

WillyTheSquid 31.01.2012 21:08

Found a bug, might be due to interaction with other mods. When creating an Auton, and while having 2 different weapons of the same damage type (for example, a Partisan and an Arbalest) in my cargo hold, it will be created with the weapon I did not select. Trying to create a 'sniper' auton, then ended up with one that used spread pellet shots. Etc. Happened more than a few times. Will try to reproduce this one some more.

WillyTheSquid 31.01.2012 21:16

Tried it again. It seems it will not work at all with any custom weapons (for example, from Weapons Extended 4). Instead, the Auton will use a different weapon, sometimes from vanilla Transcendence, sometimes from WE4. What could be causing this?

RPC 01.02.2012 09:23

WE4 has a randomizer that is applied on every ship (so that the game isn't too boring). It also works on recently spawned ships, which is what is happening in your case.

digdug 01.02.2012 11:15

yeah, that can be considered a bug. I wanted spawn autons to have random weapons too, however this is in conflict with this mod.

I suppose I have to find a solution to this.

PM 03.02.2012 04:10

Updated at 398 downloads. It prevents WE4 randomizing auton equipment. (Thanks to Atarlost.)

WillyTheSquid 05.02.2012 13:47

thanks to the lot of you, from me reporting this issue to fixing it all happened in the span of a few days. THANKS.

PM 07.02.2012 22:24

Updated at 409 downloads. The assembly hangar may be enhanced at auton dealers (if certain conditions are met). Enhancing the hangar allows it to use items up to level 8 instead of 7.

WillyTheSquid 08.02.2012 13:52

GREAT. Would upvote again if I could.

PM 08.02.2012 22:16

Updated at 413 downloads. The hangar cannot be used to build autons if it is damaged or if the ship is paralyzed (by EMP).

PM 10.02.2012 03:33

Updated at 417 downloads. The hangar may build custom mule autons. A disabled previous version of a muleless assembly hangar is also included.

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 00:14

Fantastic news... babysitting my mules is nerve-wracking. This should help a lot.

chandler 25.03.2012 03:50

thanks works well

PM 14.04.2012 22:40

Updated to 1.08b at 489 downloads. Military items can only be used if the assembler has been enhanced. Also, the player may dock with mules and disassemble them (if the assembler is installed).

PM 16.04.2012 04:35

Reuploaded at 493 downloads. All autons may be recycled. In addition, autons may be equipped with ammo and launchers. Mules may be equipped with a miner's hold, which increases capacity and lets them attract and collect ore.

WillyTheSquid 17.04.2012 23:57

Holy shindigs, PM. Freaking awesome. I'm guessing this means all autons are dockable now?

Question: have you considered adding some of the extra drone commands from PlayerShip Drones v4 to the autons? It would be great having them be able to guard my wingmen. Possibly through a device or assembly hangar upgrade that provides improved auton control options? Having it be an ability of the assembly hangar would make it useful to keep it equipped; right now I generally assemble an auton, then replace it with my miner's hold again. Just an idea.

But regardless, what an update to what is possibly my all-time favorite mod (that I haven't worked on myself ;D). Respect!

WillyTheSquid 17.04.2012 23:59

Added "Balanced", "Quality approved" & "Recommended"

PM 18.04.2012 00:10

No, only mules are dockable. Recycling an auton occurs from the assembly hangar dockscreen, and it will disassemble an auton within range 10 of the playership, if the playership has enough cargo space to hold all of the parts and cargo.

Autons inherit from the same base used by standard autons, so they will not use advanced commands unless the base auton code itself is modified. As a result, rather than jump through hoops trying to make a mule (with a miner's hold) dock and grab ore, I made the mule attract ore (slowly) like a magnet.

PM 17.06.2012 23:41

Update at 610 downloads. Custom mules gain the same dockscreen background from Auton Overwrite.

PM 19.06.2012 15:51

Reuploaded at 619 downloads. Take all option appears when docked with a mule and Take All mod is found. Unidentified items read "Unknown" instead of its identified name when equipped on a new auton.

PM 21.07.2012 21:14

Updated to 1.08d at 665 downloads. Autons may be equipped with a primary weapon and a launcher (although autons may have trouble using both simultaneously).

mistere 22.07.2012 06:17

Great mod, man.

PM 01.08.2012 23:47

Reuploaded at 686 downloads. Bug where launcher mass was not counted was fixed.

DOSBox-gamer 04.09.2012 12:44

FYI: The hangar works fine with my autons; however, the related Auton Overwrite crashes my sys (the hang-up only occurs with Mule Autons). Anyone know if this has been fixed? MTIA.

PM 06.09.2012 01:00

Although I did not get any crashes, mules called a function in Playership Drones that they should not call. Auton Overwrite has been reuploaded to fix that.

DOSBox-gamer 21.09.2012 08:46

Thank you, PM! I heart my SuperMules!

PM 21.09.2012 21:49

Updated to 1.08g at 783 downloads. Autons can fire a weapon and launcher simultaneously. Also enabled a military item that can enhance the assembly hangar.

PM 30.09.2012 03:47

Reuploaded at 805 downloads. Fixed bug that blocked equipping items on autons. Thanks to marsrocks for finding the bug.

PM 26.12.2012 22:46

Updated to 1.1 at 890 downloads. Your ship's reactor determines maximum tech level usable by the assembly hangar. For example, a Hyperion allows access to level 9 items.

PM 10.01.2013 19:14

Reuploaded at 929 downloads. Military items require id or an installed military reactor. Restart after update required.

PM 15.01.2013 21:17

Reuploaded at 943 downloads. Ships with powerful default reactors do not need military ID to use military items. No restart necessary.

PM 02.09.2013 02:34

Reuploaded at 1339 downloads. Among the changes include more limited auton recycling, removal of the help option (due to less text space in 1.2 beta), and limited support for 1.2 beta features. It is possible to recall some autons back to the ship. For those who want to stick with the 1.2 beta, a disabled replacement file for the 1.2 beta is included.

PM 25.11.2013 04:38

Updated to 1.2 at 1459 downloads. Auton assembly hangar has been weakened to bring it closer to Corporate Command's auton bay, in terms of power.

PM 02.12.2013 04:42

Reuploaded at 1477 downloads. Auton assembly hangar may accept side-mounted weapons.

PM 13.06.2014 23:46

Updated to 1.3rc1 at 1658 downloads. Autons have 120 facings, and autons armed with only a mining laser or plasma torch may mine asteroids.

PM 14.06.2014 16:10

Reuploaded at 1659 downloads. Fixed copy-and-paste error with unids that belonged to one of my other mods. Restart required.

Silverwolf 12.11.2014 19:53

Hey pm I have a project for you I need you to make a offline multiplayer mods for version 1.2 with soviet ship and stations both hostile and friendly

otakd 18.11.2014 01:26

Fantastic mod, PM - and thanks for keeping it so current :)

I've been encountering a bug which triggers with the autons created with this mod. Lately, I seem to have run into the same bug in autons included with Willy & TGeek's Mining Pack.

Essentially, on attempting to loot anything - in any context - from either a custom mule or packer auton, I get the following error message:

"Line 15: Mismatched open parenthesis"

...then I end up having to kill my auton to retrieve the contents. Sigh.


(also, +'d!)

PM 05.01.2015 18:41

Updated to 1.5 at 1864 downloads. Acceptable items have changed, and no longer depend on your ship's power.

PM 30.04.2018 18:50

Updated to 1.8 beta 1 at 2785 downloads. Many changes since 1.6 (which was uploaded at 2063 downloads), with no more custom images and more restrictive criteria to keep the custom autons in line with standard. Cargo capacity raised to 50 tons to compensate.

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