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Screenshot Do you dread games of Transcendence where the RNG gives you the same types of stations over and over again? Director's Cut can help!

The Director's Cut adventure extension uses the same basic story line as vanilla Transcendence but almost doubles the numbers of star systems in the game. This gives you more systems to explore so you have a better chance of getting a good variety of stations and enemies to encounter.

In vanilla Transcendence, most star systems have a selection of 3 to 5 systems that can be randomly generated at a given spot on your journey. Director's Cut splits those into two systems and adds a new stargate to act as a bridge between those two systems.
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Author Styro
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Added (Last modified) 15.04.2011 (15.04.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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RPC 15.04.2011 22:47

Cool!- the screenshot looks like DNA... maybe a hint of futher things to come?

alex 17.04.2011 19:36

If this works fine, it'll get my vote for best mod ever. I'll give it a play through sometime...

Shane Filomena 21.04.2011 20:26

The attempt to over write the system : #fail :

digdug 21.04.2011 21:54

Too long post has been deleted.

Shane, if you have troubles, please ask for help on the forums. thanks

Shane Filomena 21.04.2011 22:17

I apologize: it is still a great idea: just needs a name generator i think.

Shane Filomena 27.04.2011 20:35

UPDATE: I was given Guidance and my "Issue" was resolved : seems I had a conflicting Mod that has since been updated to not conflict: this Mod works VERY WELL ( ) I apologize to all and this is also GREAT with DySy files in the Extension Folder:) talk about Adventure!

CFG 24.04.2012 14:21

This is a really cool thing between the standard linear topology and things like "the network".

Also allows players to keep their "no backtracking" conduct.

Llwch 13.05.2012 07:20

This needs to be updated to v1.08b, as it has issues with some player ships that are compatible with 1.08b (or that were designed for versions after 1.05)...

DOSBox-gamer 19.11.2012 05:50

I use it in 108b, seems to work fine for me.

NIGHTHAWK620 13.04.2013 00:21

This may need to be updated would like to try it in 1.10 or 1.20.

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