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ScreenshotScreenshot Dynamic Systems.
What is it, you may ask, and why would you download it?
The answer is simple.
Do you want a living, breathing universe filled with space battles galore?
Why settle for boring old "cleansing" of systems when you have to fight, nay, claw your way out of a system, making sure that you are the only one to survive: the one destined for the Core.
Do you want to play through the Outer Realm, or do you want to explore a universe filled with strife and war making the CW-Ares battle right before your very eyes?
Well then, welcome to the journey through the Human Quarantine Zone, filled with war and conflict, but one Pilgrim who seeks to leave past that conflict for a journey to the Core.
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 10.04.2011 (16.06.2011)
Game Version 1.06
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RPC 13.04.2011 04:48

Edited the title to remove teaser because I didnít want to mislead people into thinking that this is incomplete. It is complete, but I am expanding on it.

StealthX 13.04.2011 05:41

Looks very interesting! I would definitely try this when it's been expanded.:)

Avalon4 14.04.2011 01:17

Seems incomplete to me =(

Remind me again how I can get your ship to be playable in the standard game>?

RPC 14.04.2011 03:52

The Sung encounters are going to be hard to code (for me)-- when you play they will actively destroy stations and get their slaves *shudder*.

To have the ship be playable in the standard game, go to Carrier POC and change the startingSystem in the Nerefir Playersettings from "Lumen" to SE (for Starton Eridani) or even PJ (for Point Juno) or A7 (for Dantalion).

Shane Filomena 16.04.2011 18:09

I am not very technical , but I put your POC folder into a game: vengeful thing it is and your hostiles took out not one, but two versions of my otherwise "super shield" ( it was never to be a G.O.D , but it was very strong ; I have since upgraded that testing shield ( twice )) but I enjoy the action you gave the game.

I still have not seen stations being built or spawned for presence or replacements: and no reaction from Corporate when the Adventure Outfitters was attacked to death, my wingmen had to Avenge it.

RPC 16.04.2011 19:14

I still haven't decided how to replace stations destroyed in-game (If you have suggestions, please post them!). Right now, I'm working on Sung encounters.

If the Adventurer Outfitters was destroyed, there should be a Corporate Cruiser send to avenge it. The Corporate cruiser event is in-game. If there was none, it is a bug and should be reported in the forums.

RPC 19.04.2011 05:47

Reuploaded at 54 dls. Now with basic Dwarg, Sung and Huari retaliation with basic fleet AI for the retaliation ships.

quils3 19.04.2011 06:41

Ok but needs more dynamics and you should take out the bullet time code someone might activate it or make it cooler

quils3 19.04.2011 06:43

By dynamics I mean new functions that can change the concepts of trans like gravity and physics

quils3 20.04.2011 03:45

Note does not work on my 105

quils3 20.04.2011 03:48

I tried it again and crashed my comp

Shane Filomena 21.04.2011 19:31

Interesting : but even though I love the effects of retaliation in a regular game caused by your files : I was not a fan of your only one ship..that kind of takes away the Pilot's options to experience your Mod from different views as a Pilot in your Universe : I will look into pushing your Mod to let in my ship ( I know your ranx hate me, If I am going to Die, I rather do it in a ship I trust )

Shane Filomena 21.04.2011 20:14

I tried adding xml files for other ships into the folder: your Mod ignores everything except your Nerf , not acceptable for the Transcendence Model we have come to know.

Shane Filomena 22.04.2011 23:08

(I noticed I only got half that post out , don't understand that): it was an interesting challenge to fly a ship that could not actually dock or fire a weapon : but spectating the galaxy before you get killed is kind fun.This is why I wanted other ships. And I will put an idea on the gforum in the dysy thread of spawning stations: it's already in the code: just for something else.

RPC 25.04.2011 01:22


Hmm... The Nerefir HAS weapons. Check the ship dockscreen and press 4 (Ship management). To use the weapons [U]se the flywheel to get ammo.

To get other playerships into DySys, change the starting system to "Lumen"

Quils3 was apparently using 1.04 and &baCSCbase; wasn't in the XML so his copy of T died. :(

Shane Filomena 25.04.2011 20:09

YES!!, I aplogize for whining like a child over my ship, I love the DySy action : I get very upset when I see Great Work and I can't get it to run properly : worse if I make :() I just found the controls are numbers, not letters; And I will do as you say with the system: And : YES: I have had crashes , but I tracked them down to .xml files for OTHER things that add " in system" action to a DySy game that is already running at top speed to keep up with your orders. And too many wingmen ( retract wingmen before hitting a gate )will cause a crash for the " next system" when you gate ( but not always ).

Shane Filomena 25.04.2011 21:19

#Fail : It hates me , it will not let me get anything but the Nerf in that mode.

but it's fine, I enjoy the action in the regular systems that your files cause : no big deal.

RPC 25.04.2011 23:03


Try startingSystem="Lumen"



For your playership.

Shane Filomena 27.04.2011 02:55

@RPC: I DID: 15 times: 8 different ships, including the Praetorian ( love that ship: gave it it's own Praetorian Shield ( same code as the Corporate Shield I made but the Praetorian is stronger (?)LOL.

I even tried to enter a ship into your .xml : just added a new number to your already long list : nothing: it ignored everything I tried .The only other thing I could try is taking your Nerf out : But that is not cool. So, no fears, I enjoy it and I did fly the Nerf: made it liter+faster matching a Centurion pace and flew around watching battles as I dashed in and grabbed loot :) those Phobos are NOT playing around with the CW ! but they ignore me , they do not multi target like the original game : if I get that close in a regular game they blast me regardless of what they are doing : just a note for a strange behavior: I am sure its not a bug.

RPC 27.04.2011 03:11

Actually, that's a fail on my part.

I was looking into my code and found this:

startingShipCriteria="* +Nerefir"

Take it out, and change the startingSystem and startingPos to what I said earlier, and that will fix it.

Shane Filomena 27.04.2011 20:44

LOL: you realize i read that Code line like a dozen times and ignored it because it was " factory" ( meant to be there ) :

This action works: I do hope others take note and move on to enjoy your DySy as much I enjoy having it ( regardless of my "issue" with the ship options)

Shane Filomena 27.04.2011 20:48

sorry: we should tell others WHERE to find that so threy can edit the file too if they want : In the folder " Carrier POC" the FIRST xml page ( open in Notepad) Under the " background ID " line is where to find the code to remove

RPC 01.05.2011 08:52

By the way, Mod of the Month is on: http://neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4151

Vote now!

RPC 12.06.2011 17:41

Thanks guys (or girls) for voting this MOTM!

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