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This mod adds one ship in the late game that has a rather complicated AI. The ships will form swarms with each other, and even fight occasionally. The ships will also clone themselves occasionally. There is a 2% chance that the new ship will have a genetic mutation, 50% of the time it will be good and enhance the weapon, 50% it will be bad and cut the weapon damage. The modifications are passed down when the new ship clones itself. They also eat asteroids normally, but if they get too hungry they will develop either the ability to convert sunlight to energy or will start cannibalizing each other. Whether they eat asteroids, sunlight, or each other is passed down as well.
This is a Proof of Concept, since it really doesn't enhance gameplay, but it is really cool.
A lot of credit to this goes to Altercco on the forums for a LOT of scripting help.
Categories A.I./Behavior, Developers Vault, Development,
Ship (Enemy)
Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 06.04.2011 (07.04.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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drako slyith 06.04.2011 21:32

Reuploaded at 15 dls, fixed some errors I found. Mostly where they wouldn't swarm. It's fixed now.

Shane Filomena 16.04.2011 18:15

loved it: terrified me when I saw them because I was without a longreach cannon and your choice of ship is known for destroying me ( alot ). every one I found reads up as a Drone : no Mothership found yet , but it is still very Interesting. I want to try that Stinger just once If I can find one that still works.

drako slyith 16.04.2011 19:33

I didn't make a mother-ship yet (I may update this later) But the stinger is an interesting, if not very practical, weapon. But if you wait a few minutes, you can get some enhanced stingers from them.

RPC 28.04.2011 03:56

Ummm... I meant to press the up button but I was on a phone and mistouched (is that a word?) the button. Can an admin change that?

digdug 28.04.2011 19:15

you mean the ratings buttons ? the only one that can do something is bimbel. send an e-mail to him.

Azmond 30.04.2011 06:44

This is a very intresting idea from just READING it! I'd say go for a full on mod instead of concept idea. and if you have gotten into the works of development fot the mod go nuts! I'd download this in a heart beat if it wasn't a concept. Though good- and still might download it debating as i'm writing this really~! -i'm a bit cautious of concepts.

Azmond 30.04.2011 07:15

Heck to it. Downloaded and waiting to find them. What system do they usually appear in? after the St. Katherine or earlier?

drako slyith 30.04.2011 09:56

They appear in the mid-late game. Their weapons aren't that powerful, but I do enjoy watching their swarm leaders battle for dominance.

Azmond 01.05.2011 07:14

Found them and dang hard buggers to hit sometimes... They're intresting to watch fight though, so kudos!

Cirevam 11.05.2012 23:24

This is cool but sometimes it severely lags the game when the little buggers try to eat asteroids.

Peter 02.09.2013 07:33

This sounds cool

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