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Don't you hate when you remove a patch spider only to find it gets deleted? me too, so i made this.
this mod is a temporary bugfix for .98D, and should not be needed when .99 is released. it prevents you from loosing a patch spider when it is removed with others in your hold.

EDIT: it now uses a totally diferent(and more elegant in my opinion) method- save(remember) and remove all the non-installed spiders in your hold, uninstall itself, then put the others back. this seems to fix all known problems with the mod.
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Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 22.02.2008 (27.02.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 25.02.2008 23:09

Just add one and damage it. Attach the damaged flag.

Bobby 26.02.2008 01:45

no need to add the damage flag anymore... a new method is used that makes the whole "knowing one will be deleted so add one and if it is damaged then damage the new one" obsolete- it also fixes a bug i just noticed that limits uninstalled patch spiders to 2- i have just tested the new method with 8- one damaged- and no problems.

ptbptb 21.05.2010 18:04

I take it this is obsolete now?

digdug 21.05.2010 22:50

yep, the bug was fixed in 0.99

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