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Exactly what it says in the title. The author is of the opinion that targeting is as basic and vital as autopilot, and this mod gives it to you immediately. However, this applies only to the ship you start the game with.
Categories UI Enhancements, Newbie Boosts, Misc
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 01.04.2011 (20.04.2017)
Game Version 1.7
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WillyTheSquid 20.01.2012 23:15

Last game I got REALLY far and still no targeting ROM. Made extracting Sung slaves alive a real mess. Thanks for this one, chief.

Cygnus.X1 02.10.2012 22:38


I was driving myself crazy trying to find a way to code something like this into my playership USS Defiant. Thanks to your coding skill I don't have to keep trying to invent a wheel (and all my wheels were broken ;) ). Credit to you will be given in the internal notes in my XML and will be noted here on Xelerus when I publish the final version.

PM 05.01.2015 16:14

Updated to 1.5 at 757 downloads.

PM 05.02.2015 23:33

Reuploaded at 782 downloads.

WillyTheSquid 17.02.2015 03:55

Must Have. IMO.

PM 20.04.2017 19:47

Updated to 1.7 at 1348 downloads. Now compatible with Vault of the Galaxy.

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