[Xolarix] Boa Ultimate Carrier View Mod
Screenshot My first mod ever, comments/feedback appreciated :)
A new ship, plus a new armor, plus a new weapon.
Boa = ship with a HUGE cargo capacity,
3MW Plasma Cannon = low-lvl plasma-damage weapon.
Boa Plating = unique armor just for the Boa
Was tested to make sure it works.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Xolarix
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Added (Last modified) 11.03.2011 (09.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Orthag 12.03.2011 01:33

For a first mod, this looks great cosmetically, better even than the work of some "veteran" modders. I suggest a fighter/gunship in a similar style.

Orthag 12.03.2011 01:58

I found a UNID issue,

invalid UNID: d202c003 [does not match extension UNID or override base type]

i have no idea what that means, hopefully you do, this looks great.

Xolarix 12.03.2011 09:28

Thanks Orthag. I think I fixed that little issue, my mistake as I didn't change the 8bit code for the 6 armor plates display that Kittehbob used.

I also found some other small bugs (but which were not impeding with gameplay) and fixed them as well.

Reuploaded the mod, this time without any bugs.

And yea, a small agile gunship and a cruiser/battlecruiser are coming up in a few days :)

Xolarix 12.03.2011 18:15

Well, I said it was without bugs. With that I meant: no bugs at version 1.01, which I had until a few hours ago.

Reuploaded mod:

Fixed it for versions above 1.01 as well now.

Yes, I'm newb, sorry :P

Shrike 14.03.2011 04:43


For a first mod, you're doing damned well. It helps that you're a graphics guy: Good graphics makes up for small-medium mistakes in coding/balance....the opposite is not true. :P Keep at it.

Marcus 09.06.2011 09:23

I like!

Xolarix 09.04.2012 17:04

Reuploaded at 424 downloads! :)

Kenobi 14.11.2013 19:29

Only one problem... the fuel reactor is a little bugged. Love it, but had to remove due to that. It runs low after about a minute, but only requires one fuel to fully refuel. Confused! Other than that, great!

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