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Screenshot This contains a group of 3 mods:
Nerefir Carrier Proof of Concept
Dynamic Systems
Mayfly Sundance Universe
Please ignore the "FILL IN. If found report on Xelerus." notes.
I have decided to relase most of my Work In Progress mods as a way to save time when I start modding over the summer. I want some community feedback as to what to add and how to implement some of the things I want to do in code as a way to reduce modder's block.
Link to Forums: http://neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3913
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Added (Last modified) 08.03.2011 (08.03.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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Avalon4 08.03.2011 18:48

Hmm, it looks very promising. Full to the top of bugs though, as expected from a WIP. I still like it!

Nerefir doesn't work in any AdvEx not designed for it (possibly on purpose, but its' always nice to interchange mods, if you can). Within Dynamic Universe, the auton controllers are mostly well done (but trying to order a shield bit to "Dock with Nerefir" causes the auton to treat your ship as if it were a station. Huh?)

GN Particle Field is cool, but way too much repeat fire (omg how do i turn this thing off?! lol) Maybe you could make the weapon slightly more use-intensive I suppose I would say, if it fired in the pattern of, say, (1x 2400) /s for 10sec? Instead of (1x96000) /s for 3 mins.

Will continue to look at it though, have been looking for a carrier mod that works for a while now =)

RPC 08.03.2011 23:53

Thanks for the response. You can change the Nerefir to work in Normal Transcendence by changing the startingSystem= "Lumen"

in Nerefir's PlayerSettings to

startingSystem= "SE".

You can turn off devices by pressing [B]

and [enter] on the one you want to turn off (I'm guessing the Particle Shield). (Guess I should have put that in the Owner's manual.)

The shield bit docks with Nerefir because there are docking ports.

Try to dock with one of the Kalan gunships (order it to wait/hold first!) and it should give an option to Pilot. Now, try and dock with Nerefir, and you will see the dockingports.

(another thing I have to put in the Owner's Manual)

drako slyith 09.03.2011 00:06

If you changed the node ID from Lumen to SE, the game would play the same but you then could play any ship in it and have the Nerefir play in other games.

drako slyith 09.03.2011 00:08

It's not downloading for me. The file downloads but I can't open it. Is this something from my end?

RPC 09.03.2011 00:27

I downloaded it myself from Xelerus, so it's probably on your end. I could possibly just email it to you or something.

digdug 09.03.2011 14:14

I can confirm that the file is not corrupted and I can download it fine.

Avalon4 09.03.2011 20:39

Hmm, I found some other problems... I can't say for sertain that your mod is to blame, but I haven't installed any other mods after this one, and the problems weren't there...

First off, a lesser problem, and a common thing I see from mods which add extremely strong weapon/shield/armor - the ships in Vanilla Trans start randomly using them in their loadouts. Have you ever tried to knock down a Hurin Destroyer with a 5000HP / 5000/s shield? Not possible. YOur mod's shields are fine though, it's the %*(#&^) Beam Rifles from the Ranx dreads and probably the Ares Kiloton repeater.

The good thing at least, is that I can look up these items with the G.O.D. Mod and try them out on any ship I want, for when I feel a bit of wanton. Randomly, when I equip some of these modules, I become unable to move at all (Autopilot works, but thrusting and weapons do not. Dockscreen is also disabled.) The HUD will display your equipped weapon, but it will indicate 'disabled' and carry the enhancement "+Unknown". Fortunately I was able to correct one other case of this enhancement (by using G.O.D. 's Repair function) it's unclear which modules are causing the freeze.

RPC 10.03.2011 02:15

@Avalon4: Yeah. I've seen this problem before on a Salvager Nomad in one of my last playthroughs (it had a shield!). Needless to say I died killing it. You should probably report it on Trac ( http://wiki.neurohack.com/transcendence/trac /).

Are you using 1.04? One of my weapons (stealth 4) uses a new mechanic, ionization, which was recently introduced in 1.04. That is probably the weapon that had +"Unknown".

Avalon4 10.03.2011 06:32

Oh no, it's not really a problem in the game -- It has to do with the game's "randomness". Ships get equipped from a list of weapons/armors classed by level and 'style', that is to say Centauri ships pick any kinetic weapon, Charon picks laser, Molotoks have a Dragonfly... Salvagers just have titanium barricades of a random size, and a random... uh, probably weapons around the level of the turbolaser (I have sometimes seen weird weapons on them)

Mainly they pick from things in a LEVEL range (They won't pick those things you had set as Level 20 for example, max level used is 12 I believe?)

I currently use 1.04. Not even sure if that weapon is the problem causer, I will see about it.

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