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This is a modded thermo cannon. I removed ammo dependency but increased power usage and decreased fire rate. It does not override anything in vanilla.
P.S. Also has cool fire effect.
P.P.S. Still in development...
Categories Weapon
Author Joshua
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Added (Last modified) 30.01.2011 (04.02.2011)
Game Version 1.04
Filesize 961 B
Downloads 605
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Joshua 30.01.2011 02:48

yeah I tend to reupload alot...

schilcote 01.02.2011 13:34

Dual wield? All I can think of is a Duke Nukem-esque character with a thermo cannon mounted to each arm.

Orthag 01.02.2011 23:02

Duke Nukem HAS a thermo cannon mounted on each arm.

Orthag 01.02.2011 23:17

I suggest removing the omni feature, 1 it doesn't look right, 2 makes it too powerful, and 3 i don't like omni weapons. or package a non omni and an omni together

Joshua 01.02.2011 23:20

ill fix the "too powerful"

Joshua 02.02.2011 00:10

reuploaded @ 16 downloads. Doubled damage, single-wield, non-omni, uses a LOT of power.

P.S. Check out the effects! :)

Joshua 06.02.2011 23:09

Removed from Development.

It works.

firelancer409 29.04.2012 18:42

maybe you should make two types of the thermo cannon. 1 non-omni single wield uses alot of power and 2 omni single wield uses much more power then the non-omni one.

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