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This overwrites Corporate Enclave stations to give them dock services in the maintenance level, because frankly they only serve the purpose of buying illegals. They now have a purpose in life.
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Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 22.01.2011 (22.01.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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ThePrivateer 23.01.2011 06:19

Good work. A much needed tweak to the otherwise useless Corporation.

Munawar Warsi 23.01.2011 16:11

really nice job.

drako slyith 23.01.2011 22:16

Thanks. For some unfathomable reason, it won't let the Network run while it does.

WillyTheSquid 14.02.2012 09:40

Corporations useless? They pay a premium for trade goods and ore... I for one LOVE encountering a corporate enclave and wish they would appear more frequently in the vanilla game.

drako slyith 14.02.2012 23:56

yeah, but I meant the maintenance level. Since it's a maintenance level, it should be able to do maintenance.

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