Executor SSD View Mod
This is the finalized version of the Executor Super Star Destroyer. Included within the archive are two xmls; please read the text document for more info.

Note: The "WIP" version has been deleted.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Darth Saber
Rating 2   1
Added (Last modified) 14.01.2011 (14.01.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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Jeoshua 15.01.2011 18:21

The executor is over 4 km long... by the scale of the game, it would seem that your executor should be 512 pixels or so across... I don't have my spreadsheet right now

Darth Saber 15.01.2011 19:35

True, Jeoshua; however the Executor graphic used was the size of the graphic I copied; I could not find a better one after over an hour of searching. Also, I wanted a graphic which would not detract overly from the game play. The Executor SSD from EAW-FOC & its subsequent mods were so large that they would fill the screen and half. So yes, the original Executor would probably dwarf everything in the game, and overshadow everything as well, but ask yourself whether it would be worth it: huge graphics vs enjoyable gameplay. I created a ship which is roughly the size or larger than the Phobus or CSC destroyer. In this way, one not only gets to pilot the Executor, but also do so reasonably.

drailgre 18.01.2011 04:11

Could u make it not look so 2D

Darth Saber 18.01.2011 18:43

Drailgre, if I could create totally 3D vector graphics, I would. As it is, I am having trouble mastering TrueSpace 7.6, so yeah, 2D is all I can do for now.

drailgre 19.01.2011 02:49

no its just that it looks so flat unlike other mods for example the Juggernaut from 3 playerships it looks more lifelike with shadows and detail

Azar Wolf 19.01.2011 16:41

Having trouble with truespace? D1gdug or SiaFu might be able to help you out.

Azar Wolf 14.03.2011 20:14

Please provide a screenshot if this mod provides custom graphics, thank you.

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