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A small portion of a work in progress, this is mainly here as a code example. It was the first time I used several new concepts, including random items from a list, some string functions, lambda functions, dockscreens, etc.

This adds a "Gutenberg 3K" ROM to the game, a common level 2 item that does nothing but display (rather amusing) lists of fake book titles and authors.

It's only really on here for people to use for coding help and ideas.
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Author SpongeJr
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Added (Last modified) 29.12.2010 (30.12.2010)
Game Version 1.04
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SpongeJr 30.12.2010 01:17

Reuploaded at 4 downloads... I messed up a variable name! It wasn't using the full list of possible names because of it.

SpongeJr 31.12.2010 00:09

This is part of my larger project, SpongeJr's Variety ROMs.

Check out the larger project in the Developers Vault as it evolves (and as I learn more concepts)

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