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Screenshot This mod overwrites the Black market standard station and adds a new possibility: you can go to the mercenary bar. You can hire Moltok bounty hunters to act like wing-men. You can hire however many you want, but they cost 4500 credits for a low level, 8500 for an adverage, and 17500 for an elite guard
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Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 23.12.2010 (23.12.2010)
Game Version 1.04
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jeremm 23.12.2010 11:03

Hey 2.5k credits seems a bit too little.

(Imagine how many a miner would have)

And the total value of their equipment and items greatly supersedes its cost, e.g. the dragonfly missile system has a base value of 15k.

I think u might have to nerf it a little or up the cost?

drako slyith 23.12.2010 11:10

I was thinking it might cost too little. I didn't want it to be cheaper to buy the weapons though. Also, they are mercenaries. They want to have people hire them, so they can't cost too much.

Jeoshua 23.12.2010 16:58

Look at the context. It costs 10,000 to purchase the services of the Insurance companies, going up to 25k then 50k. These people don't do anything but rez you if you die. So 2,500 seems awfully low for a wingman.

Two options to balance: One) Up the price to 25,000 per wingman, starting, then doubling in price for every wingman you get.. That might still be too low but it's closer to the truth.

Two) Have a limited amount of time for each wingman. 2,500 sounds like enough money to have a merc follow you around for maybe 10 minutes, or enough time to take out a base or two.

drako slyith 23.12.2010 19:58

Right, but if it costs over 10,000, then it could be cheaper to just buy the weapons. so maybe have different ones you can buy, like a low level for 3000, an average one for 7500, and a high level for 15,000?

Jeoshua 23.12.2010 20:23

Of course it would be cheaper to buy the weapons! You're not just getting a gun, you're getting a pilot and a ship at your command.

bigvan 23.12.2010 20:57

Where can I download Transcendence 1.04? Thanks,

drako slyith 23.12.2010 21:06

1.04 is on the transcendence forums.

drako slyith 23.12.2010 22:13

K. So I made the muchly downgraded version available for 4500, a slightly downgraded version for 8500, and a slightly improved version for 17500. I also added names.

bigvan 23.12.2010 22:27

Where can you hire the wing-men?

bigvan 23.12.2010 22:41

I checked the Black market station and shipyard

drako slyith 24.12.2010 00:27

The wingmen should be available at a black market station. I did not overwrite the station in the arena system. I will probably in my next update.

bigvan 24.12.2010 01:29

wing-men should be upgradable

drako slyith 24.12.2010 05:15

I was thinking of having the advanced Mercenaries loot ships and upgrade their ships if they get better equipment.

Matz05 24.12.2010 05:35

Somone needs to make Salvagers do that, as well as selling off things they don't need. That would be awesome, and it would add another demension to dealing with them (even over the old, buggy Salvager store/fleet mods)

HatsuyaKanzaki 24.12.2010 05:38

Whoever made this, great job! I'll make use of this as well, oh I hope it supports the UGWingmen mod :D

drako slyith 24.12.2010 06:25

Thanks. I didn't test it with the UGWingmen med but I used the wingmen base so I don't see why not.

Zeratos 11.03.2014 17:01

awesome mod but there is not alot of veriaty

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