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Screenshot This is a mod that adds two challenges to the end of the game: the Makkik hive mind and the Gallimeadian Brotherhood. The Makkiks are a species similar to the Ptravores, but they are semi-sentient. They fly in swarms around the systems. It has a really cool swarm simulations behavior; they show no regard for the individual and are weak alone, but have a mean bite as a group. The Gallimeadians are the dark side of the Iocrym. They use an antimatter crystal, which has opposite coloration. They are an optional challenge at the end of the game, being even harder than the Iocrym. Overwrites Heretic, but keeps everything the same except the single outpost of the Gallimeadians in Heretic. You still have to face the Iocrym to win.
Categories Ship (Enemy)
Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 20.12.2010 (12.01.2011)
Game Version 1.03
Filesize 1.02 MB
Downloads 898
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digdug 20.12.2010 16:10

cool ideas, but the mod won't work if you don't add the images GallimeadCommandShip.jpg



drako slyith 20.12.2010 19:59

oh, sorry. I'll go do that now.

drako slyith 20.12.2010 20:02

K. Reuploaded. Sorry to those 12 people who downloaded it before this. It should work now.

bigvan 20.12.2010 21:48

What ship is that?

drako slyith 21.12.2010 04:49

THe ship is a Gallimeadian Command Ship and a Gallimeadian outpost damaging my ship.

Star Weaver 21.12.2010 06:05

He might have been asking what the player's ship was, too, it's hard to tell.

drako slyith 21.12.2010 06:07

Oh. The playership is a my own ship I made to debug, and as a proof of concept capital ship.

drako slyith 21.12.2010 06:08

New update: drastically cut back the number of Makkik swarms created, because it was slowing the game down and crashed on high level effects.

drako slyith 23.12.2010 08:08

New update: I limited the Makkik numbers even more because it still slowed the game too much. I also added a new command which says if a large swarm is near a destroyed base, replace it with a new base. It didn't work in my tests but might once in a while.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 23:11

New update at 36 downloads. I limited the number of drones even more and did some tweaking. Also, I limited the number of hives per system to 1, because too many overloaded the game.

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