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Screenshot This is my first mod submitted. I saw that while there are several skirmishes, there are no real battles between the fleet and the ares. Therefore, I created this mod. It replaces dantallion with a new system, which is total anarchy. Don't worry, it still has the Antarctica and Terra. It also creates a new Commonwealth Command Post, which works like an Ares Shipyard.
I am planning to add more to it later, such as custom missions.

Updated: fixed Comm Room and removed non-playable missions (Escort Missions)
Update: fixed a few problems, streamlined some code. Major change: used module system to separate code into manageable sections. (this means you need a new version of the game. (1.03 or 1.04 I think))
Categories Systems and Topology, Station
Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 17.12.2010 (27.12.2010)
Game Version 1.04
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Jamie M.A. Craig 18.12.2010 00:33

Omg This is awsome i submitted a idea just like this to darth saber im so glad its coming true Dude Congratz i cant belive it. thanks for making it a reality good job

drako slyith 18.12.2010 08:15

thanks. It took me about four days of strait work, then about two weeks adding a bit here and there. Good to see someone likes it.

Darth Saber 18.12.2010 21:36

Thank you drako slyith! The job you did on this mod is excellent; please, continue to develop this line of mod.

drako slyith 19.12.2010 00:32

I just updated it. Now you won't have to escort a convoy of fragile freighters through an ares fleet. I also created one mission which should work now.

drako slyith 20.12.2010 07:52

new update: small patch, mostly changes the comm rooms so it is more efficient, no more god-mod like scanner.

drako slyith 21.12.2010 06:12

New update: cleaned up the dockscreens mostly.

drako slyith 23.12.2010 08:27

Updated it so it is more manageable using the new modules system. I also did some code streamlining and tweaking.

drako slyith 27.12.2010 06:40

new update: made it v. 1.04, major update is I created mine turrets to make a mine field.

corkytheclown 10.04.2011 00:52

a great mod total carnage

AjaxGeneral 27.05.2014 12:17

Nice Work man, God Job!!!

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