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Version 1.1

This is a tiny mod that only runs when the game is started in debug mode. It provides an easy-to-edit hook function that runs after the playership is created, where you can dump any code you're sick of typing every time you go through a cycle of testing something.

It also provides, per alterecco's suggestion, a hook function that runs the first time the player enters each new system.

As an example, the default hook gives the player 20,000 credits and rins, the black market and military IDs, and installs the visual display enhancement and targeting computer -- just some of the basics.

The default per-system hook maps every station in the system to ease checking of system layouts.
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Author Star Weaver
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Added (Last modified) 09.12.2010 (09.12.2010)
Game Version 1.03
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Star Weaver 09.12.2010 21:46

Reuploaded after 2 downloads to add the per-system hook.

digdug 10.12.2010 11:58

I didn't remember about debugOnly="true", this is very good.

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