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Screenshot Sick of counting devices and checking the start screen or XML to see how many device slots you have left? Want to know how big your reactor is or what fuel it takes?

This mod gives you a much more detailed version of the ship configuration screen (hit S twice) that does all of that and more.

Compatible out of the box with 1.04. A fixed and improved 1.03-compatible version is also included, but is disabled by default. Note: UNIDs overlap, you can only enable one at a time.

(Note: The Details sub-screen is currently only available for reactor devices.)

Supplements UGWingmen v3 wingman config screen if present with no configuration necessary.

For Trans 1.03: Mod Version 1.6
For Trans 1.04: Mod Version 2.0

This mod broke somewhere past T 1.05; not sure I'm going to fix it but it's functionality will be available in some form again soonish.
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Author Star Weaver
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Added (Last modified) 07.12.2010 (24.12.2010)
Game Version 1.04
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Jeoshua 14.12.2010 20:07

I really like this, even if I don't understand at ALL what half these numbers mean. Spaceframe? Really?

Not sarcasm, btw. We need more screens of numbers, some useful some useless, to add to the feel of the ship.

The only thing that would make this better is if the screen scrolled and contained easter eggs and insider references to stuff.

"Thetan count: Alpha"

Star Weaver 14.12.2010 20:23

Hm, Maneuver has something to do with turning speed, and TtW is Trhust to Weight, or effective acceleration. Both of those should be the same numbers displayed on the ship selector, except updated to your current luggage.

Between there and slots, everything is mass in tons. Spaceframe mass is how much your ship would weigh with no devices, cargo, armor, or anything.

SiaFu 16.12.2010 17:50

Very nicely arranged and thanks for the advertisement ;-)

One bug: MaxArmorMass is displayed wrong (always 40.0) in 1.03. And TtW could be divided by 10 to conform with ship selection screen units.

It'd be very convenient if you could put in Rin balance (displayed only if it's >0, so as not to confuse new players).

And if there's room, I'd suggest adding reactor MW/efficiency/maxfuel (taking +Enhanced into account) and min/max useable fuel rod level.

Star Weaver 16.12.2010 18:03

Wow, I can't believe I didn't actually pay attention to the number in max armor. I think i've identified why that's happenening already.

I've never got rins, so for some reason I assumed the game already displayed them somewhere :D.

I can get the min/max fuel rod levels, at least, not sure about the other stuff yet.

Star Weaver 24.12.2010 16:53

Upgraded at 67 downloads. New better version for 1.04 and fixed expanded version for 1.03.

Sorry it took so long to fix :[.

SiaFu: I added rins to the 1.03 version and took them right back out of the 1.04 version as they were added to the default f2 screen.

macdjord 06.05.2011 00:48

When I click on Done, I get the message:

No binding for symbol: gWvrReturnToScreen ### (if gWvrReturnToScreen (block Nil (scrShowScreen gScreen gWvrReturnToScreen) (setq gWvrReturnToScreen Nil)) (scrShowScreen gScreen "forceUndock")) ###

I think you need to update for V1.05.

digdug 06.05.2011 17:11

that looks like an incompatibility with the Wyvera mod ?

Star Weaver 31.03.2012 11:07

No, the wvr thing is a prefix I use .... I have to take a look at this poor thing when I get some time.

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