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Bombs? You want it? It's yours my friend.

The idea was to have a massive one-shot weapon that would take out a station in one hit. Exactly once, for a massive sum of credits (about the cost of a fusionfire howitzer).

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to do enough damage, so I halved the cost. Meh.
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Author schilcote
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Added (Last modified) 14.11.2010 (14.11.2010)
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Multiheaded 14.11.2010 20:46


It is written: you are the hero of Transcendence! Add lamp oil and rope as trade goods while you're at it.

ThePrivateer 15.11.2010 07:22

Good mod...I got the bomb working.

Just set the damage to something ridiculous...I used 50d500 for Blast, Kinetic and Thermo and used that on the first fragment. Worked great.

digdug 16.11.2010 13:07

nice bomb, I just would like it not to have multiple damagetypes, as they don't work: only the first damagetype is the one working, all the others are ignored.

schilcote 17.11.2010 21:20

Really? Huh. What causes that?

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