Original pre-0.7 EI100 View Mod
Screenshot This is a really old version of the EI100, from before the first released version of transcendence, and it has been lost to us ever since. Now with the release of the models, I've been able to re-render it; and in 40 facings!
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Author Azar Wolf
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Added (Last modified) 24.07.2010 (24.07.2010)
Game Version 0.95
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Darth Saber 24.07.2010 19:20

Azar Wolf, do you own a copy of the very first Transcendence release; or do you know where I could obtain one?

Azar Wolf 24.07.2010 21:43

Darth Saber; this ship did not appear in 0.7; it was removed prior to 0.7's release

Darth Saber 26.07.2010 18:09

I am aware of that; I was asking if you owned a copy of the very first Transcendence release (i.e. - 0.0; 0.1).

Azar Wolf 27.07.2010 01:58

The very first release is 0.7. There were no prior releases.

George released the source models & textures, which is how I was able to make the ship.

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