AI ships follow playership through gates View Mod
Ai patrolling ships will pursuit the playership through a gate!

No more hiding in a previous system, no quick escape to st. kathrine while fighting in Charon system! Most of the patrol ships (like Ares patrols or pirate Corsairs) will follow you through any gate!

This mod was developed to make the game more fair/balanced by preventing classic player exploits (like other older mods "Sun damage mod" or "Station explosions")
Categories A.I./Behavior, Misc
Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 27.06.2010 (29.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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digdug 29.06.2010 02:27

added a better description of the mod

Kurandra 29.06.2010 10:24

Does it work with the Commonwealth Cruiser? Cause that would be a nasty expierience to find that the gate wouldn't let you get away after blowing up 50 friendly stations. :{ Overall nice idea. :)

Kurandra 29.06.2010 10:25

Or i could just try finding out myself on a godmoded ship :P

digdug 30.06.2010 16:11

well, the point of this mod is prevent the gating-out-of-trouble exploit, so in general it should make the game harder. If you godmod, then there is no point in using this.

Darth Saber 30.06.2010 19:50

Interesting move; now the Moltok bounty hunters can really have a field day...

Kurandra 01.07.2010 02:03

Well what i meant was to use a godmoded ship so i could test out what i said.

quils3 05.07.2010 08:12

hey when ever i download something it gets turned into notepad even the folder

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