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This small mod gives you a little more flexibility when using a Titanium Barricade. Barricades can be moved when deployed in space (they move in the direction your ship is facing). Barricades can also be returned to your cargo hold when you have finished using them.
Note that this does allow a small exploit to be possible, but I don't think it's significant enough to effect game balance.

Choice of two extensions! Use either one (but NOT both) of MoveableBarricade.xml and MoveableBarricadePlus.xml. The latter adds Plasteel Barricades for extra protection power.

Note that the Quad Plasteel Barricade can not be installed, even on a freighter. This isn't a bug - it's just too big for normal ships.

BONUS: Add to SmartTinkers mod if you use that as well
(&itPlasteelPlate; 5 &itReinforcedPlasteel1;)
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Author ptbptb
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Added (Last modified) 25.06.2010 (26.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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ptbptb 25.06.2010 21:35

As usual, for debug purposes, I have included a little bit of code to allow you to test it easily.

Enter (barricadeME) at the debug console to get one of each type of Titanium Barricade.

ptbptb 26.06.2010 11:33

Update! Added optional content in MoveableBarricadePlus.xml file.

ptbptb 26.06.2010 20:36

(&itPlasteelPlate; 5 &itReinforcedPlasteel1;)

can go in the SmartTinker.xml file to allow you to produce Plasteel Barricade.

You may also need to add the UNID at the start...

<!ENTITY itReinforcedPlasteel1 "0xD0030031">

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