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This is a simple mod (that I still needed a lot of help on) that accompanies a tutorial on the wiki.
Its purpose is a) Custom Work screen will now only show items they can use. b) Conversions will only take as many items as they need (not all they can get).
Many thanks to Alterecco, without whom this mod would not have been completed.
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Author ptbptb
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Added (Last modified) 14.06.2010 (25.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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ptbptb 14.06.2010 22:54

As this is a 'tutorial mod' anyone should feel free to reuse or alter it as they wish. Just remember to change it to your UNID range if you upload it here.

ptbptb 16.06.2010 14:05

Oops! It looks like only the Debug Console created Tinker Stations work properly - not the ones encountered normally in the game. :-(

ptbptb 23.06.2010 20:37

Actually this seems to work (sometimes/always??). Maybe it was just a glitch when it didn't work for me - or maybe I'm getting both original and updated versions generated?

Feedback _really_ appreciated. :-)

Shrike 25.06.2010 05:42

I'm all for anything that expands tinkers: They're a great thing and I'd love to see more stuff augmenting, tweaking and fixing bits of them. :)

ptbptb 25.06.2010 20:23

Re-uploaded (again). Re-download if you are starting a new game. (Do not replace if you are still continuing a game)

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