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The second version of the Cylon Raider which I posted last year; this one has been somewhat balanced. Comments desired.
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Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 08.06.2010 (08.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Azar Wolf 09.06.2010 02:28

Definite improvement to the balance, though I'd recommend removing the military ID, the extra 700 tons of cargo space you can't use (the largest cargo expansion gives 100 tons of extra cargo space), and a mass:thrust ratio of 1000 to 200 results in a ship that can hardly accelerate in a forwards direction (I recommend lowering the mass a lot and increasing the thrust a little). Also 50MW is a bit much for a starting ship.

Still a very big improvement in balance for you.

StealthX 12.06.2010 11:13

The Cyclons are bad guys, maybe you wanna make enemy versions?

drailgre 19.06.2010 21:23

why cant i download anything?

Bobby 20.06.2010 00:27

@drailgre: my guess is your browser or security software is getting in the way.

A while ago firefox wouldn't let me download mods (IE would), I don't know what fixed it.

drailgre 20.06.2010 17:28

lol i see it must be the site -- i tried 3 diff browsers and messed with the settings but i see that the site refreshes by itself after it loads when i click download

drailgre 20.06.2010 17:29

^^^ used chrome, firefox, and IE ^^^

bimbel 20.06.2010 19:12

Care to join the IRC and contact me directly? Should help me track down the problem!

drailgre 23.06.2010 21:44

some dowloads work but most still dont

bimbel 23.06.2010 22:27

As I said please get in touch with me over IRC or the contact form!

Darth Saber 24.06.2010 20:06

I used a customized version of Firefox 3.5.5 and the downloads worked fine. Perhaps you should look into your "Internet Options" listed within the Control Panel section of the Start Menu. Your system's ability to download may have been altered during a system update. Anyhow, it might be worth looking into...

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