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Original mod by The Wicked Flea
Mod author not seen since 2007 so believed to be an 'abandoned mod'.
So many things are broken or damaged in Transcendence that a wrench becomes a handy tool. But beware, repairing some things can be risky! You can fail so badly that you break the very item you wanted to fix, or even kill yourself.
Updated by ptbptb to improve balance. Changes for version 1.1 are:
* No item type is more, or less, difficult than others.
* All uninstalled, non-armor items may now be repaired.
* WrenchSkill now increases slowly even when you fail
- except if the item was too easy to repair.
* All failures now destroy the item you attempt to repair.
* Chance of success is somewhat increased.
Feedback welcomed.
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Author ptbptb
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Added (Last modified) 07.06.2010 (21.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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ptbptb 07.06.2010 15:00

Borrowed code from "Item enhancement framework" to allow you to add the wrench to your ship at the start of the game. Enter '(wrenchME)' in the debug console.

They can still be found for sale in stations as before.

ptbptb 15.06.2010 15:21

A little more re-balancing. Skill improvement has been slowed somewhat (but is still a lot faster than the original) and it is statistically a bit more dangerous to use.

No need to re-download unless you found it too unbalancing.

ptbptb 18.06.2010 21:39

I think this is pretty stable now - I'm moving it to 'Usable'

ptbptb 21.06.2010 10:29

2010 Jun 21. Minor update.

No need to re-download. I've just replaced some deprecated functions with the current equivalent.

IceMephit 06.07.2010 23:54

Awesome!!! Works great!!! Tinkers are now a good trade route with this tool!!Buy scrap, fix it, sell it. Excellent work!

Dogma 07.07.2010 21:39

I always wondered what this mod did :D

Billonius 08.07.2010 19:10

I am trying to play a permdeath game.

Is there any way iof modifying this so that if I fail critically I do a lot of damage to my ship and armor but am not instantly killed ?

ptbptb 08.07.2010 20:11

> Is there any way of modifying this so

> that if I fail critically I do a lot of

> damage to my ship and armor but am not

> instantly killed ?

It was one of the things on my 'ToDo' list, but I never got around to it.

Anyway, here are some

***** spoilers *****

If you try to repair something and it tells you there is 'no risk' then it is an automatic success.

If it tells you there is 'minimal risk' then you may destroy the item, but you're not going to kill yourself.

If it tells you there is 'some risk' then you might be at risk of death - but if you only repair items one level above the 'minimal risk' items then I think you're safe. *** Only 'some risk' items advance your repair skll! ***

I've never actually killed myself using this mod - although I do play fairly conservatively. Basically if you follow the advice above you are very unlikely to kill yourself because of this mod.

IceMephit 26.07.2010 03:26

I have never killed myself with this mod either, and I kill myself regularly.

IceMephit 31.08.2010 06:30

One thing I noticed: it didn't show up much in the 2 or 3 dozen games I have used it. I changed its level from 1 to 2 and it appears more often. There were several games where the wrench didn't show up until St K. or later.

FAD 20.08.2011 09:43

This mod would have won Mod of the Month back in the day of its original release, had there been a MotM. I had modified mine to where it would tell you what skill level you were at whenever you advanced.

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:18

repica uhren

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