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Screenshot Inspired by the comments on the Rick Card and helped along by boredom, this adds some rickrolls to Transcendence.

Be warned: the zip is big (for Xelerus anyway), surprisingly I managed to shrink a 3 Minute wav file to under 5 Mb so you get the whole song, the video was not so lucky, and is based on a picture found here: http://media.photobucket.com/image/rickroll/karloth666/rickroll1.gif .

Just so you know, restarting the game will make it go away.
Categories Misc
Author Bobby
Rating 4   3
Added (Last modified) 22.05.2010 (25.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
Filesize 4.98 MB
Downloads 1605
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Azar Wolf 25.05.2010 02:16

I'm astonished it wasn't schilcote... XD lol

Jeoshua 25.05.2010 19:22

Why would anyone WANT to add Rickrolls... I ask you!

Bobby 25.05.2010 22:03

Why? To see if I could.

The technique could possibly lead to cut-scenes or a fly-in movie theater (the overlay could be replaced with an animated station). A movie on the history of the Commonwealth would be cool, but I wouldn't know where to begin with that.

Shrike 27.05.2010 00:39

There's a lot of potential.....big "Defend your freedom! Join the fleet!" movie things, more advertising.......even some futuristic version of a crappy movie with a totally unoriginal storyline. :P

SeventhShade 28.05.2010 02:06

You could even do political ads. "Candidate X is soft on defending against Ares incursions. Vote Cadidate Y if you don't hate the commonwealth."

Shrike 31.05.2010 06:56

.....Also adds some new strategy. If George allows a few things for us to screw with AIs, we can defeat the Iocrym Command Ship by rickrolling it. :P

RPC 24.05.2011 03:05

Love this mod. Wish it got more love.

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