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The Kamikaze-class auton was made for the Commonwealth to blow up things from far away

Updated 84 downloads
1. improved Fly to target command
2. Changed name from Suicide Auton to Kamikaze-class auton
(Thanks for the name Darth Saber)
Categories Auton
Author sdw195
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Added (Last modified) 15.05.2010 (18.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Downloads 1008
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Darth Saber 17.05.2010 23:10

I guess you might call it a "Kamikaze-class auton."

sdw195 19.05.2010 05:44

yeah i might change the name to that in a upcomming update (it sounds better than "Suicide Auton")

sdw195 21.08.2010 00:20

Updated 84 downloads

Darth Saber 26.08.2010 19:45

Thanks for taking my suggestion, sdw195; well done on the mod. :-)

sdw195 18.04.2012 00:55

updated, now actually works!

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