380P / 150P Packer auton View Mod
Screenshot An Auton that carries lots of ore (but little other cargo) and can fly around picking up said ore if ordered to do so.

Due to a change in the upgrade mechanism, the UGW-compatible version has a smaller, normal cargo hold.

Works with or without UGWingmen, just remember to disable or delete one of the files as stated in the readme, or you will have an error.

PS: the screenshot to the right isn't exactly to scale until clicked on.
Categories Ship (Friendly), Mining, Auton
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 08.05.2010 (19.08.2011)
Game Version 1.01
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Bobby 14.05.2010 01:30

Re-uploaded at 28 downloads, the ore collecting behavior is more reliable, maneuverability is improved, and as far as I can tell it stopped producing crash bugs.

Bobby 07.06.2010 20:00

Re-uploaded (100): dockscreen updated to remove an exploit and for consistency with UGW 2.4.

Bobby 19.08.2011 05:10

Re-uploaded (292): UGW version updated for v3, renamed to reflect its normal cargo hold of 150 tons.

Shane Filomena 22.10.2011 06:35

i loves this little beast:) it tends to wander in curcles I worried for the one I had: Ventari hate my Autons: so mine is upgraded for self defense : I enjoy mining and having it fly with me upgraded or not it is a treasure and I don't fly without it:)

WillyTheSquid 18.02.2012 17:56

It doesn't seem to work right -- I can load it with as many non-ore substances as I want. It's up to -600kg now?

WillyTheSquid 11.03.2012 00:38

Been using it a bit more. Slightly quirky regarding the ore/other cargo separation. Very vulnerable but great cargo capacity.

An upgraded version of this could REALLY use an inertialess drive, because Packers keep sliding all around the place (due to their high weight).

Shane Filomena 24.03.2012 10:02


I wanted a frresh copy :)

* yes, Willy, it is a buggy little thing that can keep you on your toes : that is why I armed my first one : It is not Obedient at all ; like the 08U Battle Auton : but they give you more to do then get bored :)

Azar Wolf 25.03.2012 05:28

Heh, reminds me of the "EI100 Classic" from .98d and before

WillyTheSquid 28.03.2012 16:31

This one will be in the MiningPack, including an upgraded version with semi-inertialess drive, better armor/shields and an omni particle beam. :)

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