SZ-85A Cannon Pod View Mod
"The SZ-85 was designed by the makers of the original SZ-70 to remove shipwrecks from the battlefield......quickly."
-Encyclopaedia Galactica

It's based on my SZ-70, except it has WMD, higher damage, higher ROF, wears trendier clothes, and can be used to BAKE things!

Like the SZ-70, you can install it anywhere, it has 300 rounds before it becomes useless, it doesn't take up any slots at all, and doesn't count to the weapons limit on the freighter.

Categories Weapon
Author Shrike
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Added (Last modified) 01.04.2010 (31.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Shrike 08.04.2010 23:38

Re-uploaded with fixes.

Moved from L5-->L7

Shrike 31.05.2010 06:58

Moved to Weapons. I've finished working on it, so I might as well take it out of development.

Shrike 03.07.2012 06:56

The SZ-70 and SZ-85 are to be replaced in an SM&M+ patch at some point.

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