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Screenshot The Argo is a fighter-explorer designed for deep space adventure.

Version 2 - balanced in accordance with Azar Wolf's relayed suggestions.
Comments welcomed.

Version 3
Categories Broken Mods, Ship (Player)
Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 12.03.2010 (17.03.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 17.03.2010 22:38

Re-uploaded at 38 downloads. I have altered the original xml for the third time in an effort to make it more "balanced." Comments welcome.

Iocrymdestroyer 20.03.2010 02:55

Shouldn't it be for v1? Or are mods from v.99c compatible with v1?

Darth Saber 20.03.2010 23:22

Most of the mods which I have tried from .98d to .99c have worked with version 1.0; however, I do not feel that I know enough about modding to create mods for 1.0 versions as yet, hence my continuation of the .99c line of mods.

Atarlost 21.03.2010 02:47

If you tested the mod in 1.0 you should list it as a 1.0 mod.

Iocrymdestroyer 22.03.2010 02:00

It seems really overpowered. A particle weapon, class II deflector, and a 400mw reactor.

Atarlost 22.03.2010 04:52

The only really big problem is the 400mw reactor. The class II is only level 2, same as the Wolfen's hull plate ionizer. The emerald blaster is too high level, but only by one or two levels. For Darth Saber that's good. Apart from the reactor I'd classify this as munchkin rather than godmod. The weapon is too good for Eridani, but if you get good luck with loot and trade in Eridani and a weapon dealer in the second system you can get equivalent firepower in the second system. The ship does have weaknesses that make up for the equipment apart from the reactor.

StealthX 23.03.2010 04:47

The boxy armor graphics and the shield color graphics are cool!

StealthX 23.03.2010 04:48

And the ship itself looks like it has Iocrym jelly armor.

Star Weaver 14.06.2012 13:37

1.08b silently ignores the shipclass b/c it shares a unid with an image, apparently.

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