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A collaboration between Prophet and myself. I came up with this concept, he coded the framework for me to play with (hence why his UNID is in it) and adapt as needed. Since the original version, Prophet's made a few framework changes, and I've changed a LOT. This is the latest version, as messed around with by myself. Enjoy.
Categories Shield, Development
Author Shrike
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Added (Last modified) 24.02.2010 (11.03.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC9
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Shrike 11.03.2010 06:34

Complete revamp. Try it, please?

sdw195 11.03.2010 07:34

i shall have a look at the revamp for you (since i missed you on the irc)

Shrike 04.05.2010 08:55


Unless you can get an ignoreshieldsdown thing to work.

Matix 15.08.2012 00:21

I know this is an old mod now, but I'm interested in what it is... The description describes nothing about it?

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