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Allows you to start in St. Katherine's. You have a hold with misc cargo, plus level-approriate weapons, armor, shields, and devices. You may also start with a reputation with various factions. There are two versions of each stock ship, each outfitted to a particular style of play:
EI500 - Miner
EI500 - Trader
Sapphire - Militia
Sapphire - Smuggler
Wolfen - Military
Wolfen - Pirate
All the St. Katherine-starting ships come with randomized equipment, cargo, and starting money. The stock ships (with Eridani start) are all left intact; the ship selection screen shows which one you're picking.
Portions of the standard game overwritten: none.
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Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 10.02.2010 (11.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
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sdw195 10.02.2010 05:41

this caused my game to crash

sdw195 10.02.2010 05:45

Player Ship: Sapphire-class Yacht smuggler on gate out of sk

TheLastBrunnenG 10.02.2010 06:14

I couldn't reproduce this crash (Smuggler Sapphire, gate in or out of StK).

PKodon 10.02.2010 18:17

Umm, if these are stock ships, shouldn't the trader/miner be an EI500?

TheLastBrunnenG 11.02.2010 03:57

Typo. The UNID for the standard playership freighter is still "scEI100XPlayer" - George never changed it. They're really EI500, not EI100.

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