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Extends play you can get from the Battle Arena.
- increases Arena points required before you fight The Slicer
- Heavily upgrades The Slicer's ship - don't face him until you're VERY well-equipped!
- Displays Arena points earned & points status after every match
- Adds 55+ new potential opponent ships to the Arena, from all factions - includes destroyers!
- Optional file adds 20+ new playable Arena ships, all of which start in the Rigel system instead of Eridani.
Categories Misc
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 10.02.2010 (10.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
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TheLastBrunnenG 10.02.2010 05:02

Portions of the standard game overwritten: the Rigel Battle Arena.

Slicer can be beaten by a well-equipped mid-game ship, if it's combat oriented. You'll have better luck in a later-game ship. If you can beat all the ships leading to the Slicer, you can probably handle him too.

Note that if you face a Hurin destroyer in the Arena, it does NOT count against you in the eyes of the Huari.

TheLastBrunnenG 10.02.2010 15:42

Test run last night: I equipped a Wolfen with Iocrym Veil, 4x Light Iocrym Plate, 1GW reactor, and an IM90. I just *barely* beat the Slicer, and had to spend lots of time running away and hiding behind wrecks. If I'd had a launcher and an ICX, it would've been much easier.

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