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This mod allows you to play as a Pteravore! You start at a previously-hidden Pteravore Lair in Eridani. Can you make it back to your brothers in the Heretic system and spread your alien hunger to new worlds?

- Includes custom dockscreens and other graphics.

- Custom "ship" graphic (Iocrym Manipulator, shrunken & recolored).

- Ship can be upgraded normally; comes with a built-in Pteravore Launcher.

- Pteravore Lairs can be docked with and will refuel you for free.

- Pteravores will not attack you unless fired on first; even then, you're pteravore-resistant.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 30.01.2010 (11.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC5
Filesize 571.93 KB
Downloads 1301
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sdw195 30.01.2010 05:27


sdw195 30.01.2010 05:32

you start in the Heretic system??

TheLastBrunnenG 30.01.2010 06:30

Re-uploaded at 7 downloads. You should be starting in Eridani, not Heretic. Fixed.

sdw195 30.01.2010 08:40


sdw195 30.01.2010 08:43

now it crashes transcendence :( just after you start

sdw195 30.01.2010 08:45

startingPos= "start" not startingPos= "Inbound"

sdw195 30.01.2010 08:46

i keep mucking up comments

ok this startingPos= "Inbound"

should be this startingPos= "start"

TheLastBrunnenG 31.01.2010 01:26

Re-uploaded with a serious fix at 33 downloads... I uploaded an old version last time, sorry! Starting location for the playership should be "StartP", not "Start" or "Inbound".

sdw195 31.01.2010 05:03

your not pteravore-resistant

i fired at a pteravore ststion got fired back on and than ran out of fuel

TheLastBrunnenG 01.02.2010 03:08

Resistant, not immune... Besides, you definitely need shields too! Good ones, if you plan on shooting your lair-mates.

TheLastBrunnenG 10.02.2010 04:54

UPDATE 9-FEB-2010, 85 downloads: corrected some dockscreen bugs, disabled the stock playerships.

Portions of the standard game overwritten: Playable Pteravore overwrites the standard ship-status screens and will interfere with other mods that add new playerships. When using Playable Pteravore, the standard playerships (Sapphire, Wolfen, EI500) are not available.

Styro 10.02.2010 18:00

I get the error "Unable to load image 'ptera1mask.bmp'". Is the latest file missing something, or am I doing something wrong? I am using RC6.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.02.2010 04:03

Fixed! Somehow it missed a file when I re-zipped it.

davidbfgday 22.03.2011 22:08

you no what wood be a good adventure xtenton icrom vs pretavors you cod play as iocyrm ro pretavore

101hebat 26.03.2011 11:19

its copy from Iocrym manipulator

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